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Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling is our way of responding to challenges tech companies face in delivering their message in a short, attention-grabber, concise way.

A visual narrative, focused on content designed from scratch, and consists of a marketing tactic to tell compelling stories putting your ideal customers in the center of the message. A visual way to explain benefits, how a solution works and simply walk people through a specific jouney.

Visual Storytelling represents Xpositions innovative and differentiated way of delivering the well structured and customer-driven messages that companies need to grab attention.

Add Business-Oriented Minds with Marketing Audacity and Design Talent, and there you have it, that’s Xposition Storytelling.

Sales Readiness and Speed-to-Market

Our mission is for companies in the Tech Market to perform better. And by perform better, we mean selling better. And by selling better we mean focusing on customers real needs, how to discover them and how to be truly helpful and truly become a trusted advisor.

That’s the main purpose for our existence as a company, and that’s why we continuously work on creating and improvind better sales processes, methods and tools that help Sales Professionals and Sales Managers better execute and increasingly focus on the actual customer.

Xposition’s core is to work alongside tech businesses as a strategic partner, ensuring that the sales execution is done right. Whatever sellers or sales managers need, we aim to serve them.

Training and Tools. Simplified. Focused on Execution.

Go-to-Market Strategies

Analysing with care formal and informal structures of decision-making, bearing in mind the market movements within the tech sector and working closely with corporate and enterprise customers, integrators and Solutions partners, and vendors and suppliers of technology, Xposition has positioned itself in the center of a very dynnamic tech ecossystem.

This allows us to leverage even further on our experience and expertise and in the end, being able to craft the best go-to-market strategies that ensure more speed and a focused approached.

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